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Industrial Skills (training duration is minimum of 6 Months)


COURSE DESCRIPTION :This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes to gather interpret and convey Information in response to workplace requirement; to identify role and responsibility as a member of a team; to promote career growth an advancement;to comply with regulatory and organizational requirements for occupational health and safety; services to specification of materials; on requesting and receiving construction (heavy equipment) mate-rials and tools; on identifying and measuring objects; on checking and performing preventive maintenance including storing of tools and equipment; on identifying interpreting , on analyzing and interpreting symbols, data and workplace; applying in forklift operation in accordance with the industry standards. It covers specialized competencies such as per-forming preandpost-operation procedures, productive operation and basic preventive maintenance for forklift.

The training program shall be composed of Japanese Language N5, the Japanese Language N4, Compulsory Skills Training, Allotted Skills Training and Additional skills Training. Additional Japanese Language Training may be required by the FIRST PARTY for improvement purposes. The N5 is a prerequisite of the Japanese Language N4, Technical Skills Training, Compulsory Skills Training, Allotted Skills Training and Additional Skills Training. Additional Japanese Language Training is only given if it is requested by the school.