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Do we really need to stay inside the school dormitory or can we stay outside the school campus?

- Yes, students must stay at school dormitory to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and play games outside the campus that may lead to failure in studying language, health condition, and even losing the chance of having the opportunity to work outside the country.

Can we bring food or cook at your institution?

- No, because there are canteen operating inside the campus from Mondays to Sundays.

Can we bring personal gadgets during our stay in PNTC?

- We advise our students not to bring gadgets that may cause the students failure in studying language or might be lost specially the expensive laptop, cellphone, etc.


How much is the tuition fee?

- The tuition fee is under the study-now pay-later program. It will be depending on the skill/course you preferred to take.

How much is the fee if I will not continue my studies both in Japanese Language and skills?

- The fee varies on the duration of Japanese Language and Skills that the students acquired.

Is the meal allowance for the Technical and Engineering graduates curriculum convertible into cash?

- No. Meal allowance and budget for personal necessity shall be given in a form of stub or meal ticket every month.


How long is the duration of study for Industrial Curriculum?

- Industrial curriculum is 10-12 months depending on what course/skills you acquire.

How long is the duration of study Japanese Language for Japanese language teacher and supervisor curriculum?

- Japanese language teacher and supervisor curriculum duration is twelve (12) months.

Are we given the chance if we fail in Japanese Language?

- There is no chance if you fail in any of the Japanese Language course. The percentage of students pass the Japanese Language based on our records is around 90% above.


Can you also provide financial assistance to the Industrial Curriculum students?

- No. It is applied only to students who enrolled for Technical, Engineering, and Non-Technical graduate students.

Is there an opportunity to work in leading companies local or even international after our graduation?

- Yes. There are a lot of opportunities for PNTC graduates. PNTC is confident enough that we have the quality of training for our students. We believe that our students are known by different industries local and abroad when it comes to technical skills, knowledge, speaking ability, and even behavior of students. PNTC is producing a competent student for long time opportunities.