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International Exchange Program

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INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAM is currently conducted by the Interns of Friend Nippon in Hitachi Taga and the Students of Hitachi Senior Technical School (Nisenko).

The number of Filipinos living in Japan has been constantly increasing. For Filipinos, learning how to speak Japanese language and studying its culture and way of living is definitely worth consideration. However, rapid globalization arises which requires highly effective communication.

With the desire to manage language barriers and shorten the gaps of both Philippine and Japanese communities, International Exchange Program has been established under terms of a Japanese-English education program. The said program is not just to overcome those barriers but also to strengthen the ties between the Philippines and Japan.

Currently, trainees from Friend Nippon in Hitachi Taga is conducting a joint education program with the students of Hitachi Senior Technical School (Nisenko). With this program, it will help each individuals to communicate effectively and confidently.


Several activities has been carried out during every session of the program. It includes self-introduction, games and other activities that will enhance their speaking, listening and understanding skills. With these activities, it will make learning fun while developing deeper and better understanding of the subject. Afterwards, both the trainees and students will share dinner together while engaging into conversations of different topics. Everyone is free to ask questions and share their ideas and opinions. During this time, learnings will be tested and practiced.

All learning shall be applied in everyday life. Moreover, the success of this program will inspire the trainees and students to impart their acquired knowledge to other individuals. Also, this will give them the opportunity to be a part of them in the future.

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