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PNTC finally opened a new building for the improvement of school facilities especially in automotive section. To compete with the automotive technology in Japan, the management provided a technology enabling to teach students in the same level as to technology in Japan, wherein they can learn and explore automotive skills. One is the “Banzai” Caterpillar Twin Ace which can lift up to 30 tons and known as the 1st lifter in Philippines that can hold as heavy as 30 tons. With its special feature, an easy adjustable lifter, it can handle any truck, bus and heavy equipment. 2nd is the “Banzai” Caterpillar Twin Ace-mini which can lift up to 11 tons, good for middle weight class vehicles such as L300, Canter, etc. 3rd is the “Bishamon” Fantas Scissor Lift with Swing Arm, perfect for private and passenger vehicles having a flexible arm compatible for a car’s complex center joint.


Different kinds of vehicle are available and accessible to use and to study, as PNTC grows more innovative in terms of technical and safety working facilities. It is now easier and safer for the students to study Automotive Maintenance and Automotive Servicing.

Students are expected to learn the following upon completing this course:


  • Safety Education
  • Basic Automotive Engineering
  • Automotive Measurement Analysis
  • Servicing Starting System
  • Servicing Charging System
  • Servicing Engine Mechanical System
  • Overhaul Manual Transmission
  • Power Transmission Mechanism
  • Servicing Brake System
  • Servicing Suspension System
  • Automotive Electrical System
  • Automotive Car Maintenance
  • 3rd level National Trade Test Review

All of these subjects are being taught in Japanese Language to ensure that they cope with Japanese people specifically to their employees in Japan. Quality education can be best attained through providing the student with enough facilities where they can learn and explore automotive skills.


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