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Hitachi Appliance Taga Trainee Won 1st Place in the 17th Foreign National Opinion-Based Recital

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Every year, International Cultural Festival has been held continuously in Hitachi City. Several events have been prepared for every individual to put their best foot forward to showcase skills, talents and abilities to express one’s value. These events were not just solely for Japanese nationals but for foreign nationals as well.


Last November 11, 2017, with great pride, one of the trainees of Hitachi Appliance Taga attained 1st place at the 17th Foreign National Opinion-based Recital in Japanese language held at Hitachi Taga Plaza.

23732650_1495427233839641_1760682169_oA Hitachi Appliance Taga trainee, Mr. Benitez Amador Jr., garnered 1st place on a Speech Contest during the 17th Foreign National Opinion-based Recital in Japanese Language. He came up with the idea to share about the difference between the people of Japan and Philippines in terms of keeping clean, healthy and livable environment. With his motivation to share his learnings in Japan, many were happy and inspired on his speech that made him won the prize.

Moreover, these offers opportunities for every individual to gain substantial experience like this; adapt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills more than winning the prize. These also provide such exposure and realistic outlook towards the competitive nature of real life that may boost their confidence. And most importantly, these will inspire others to do good not just for every person but for the environment as well.

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