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Higher Level of Skills Education in Plastic Molding

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plastic-molding-03PNTC Skills Department is responsible for coordination of all skill development efforts across the country, building technical training frameworks, building of new skills, and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also jobs that are to be created, thereby strengthening the economic and industrial development of the country. PNTC Plastic Molding Operation Course is designed to equip individual the competencies that a student must achieve to change equipment dies, prepare and start equipment for production and produce injection molded products. It also includes competency to produce blow molded products.

This course is also designed to provide basic and common skills to equip individual with operational skills in foundry molding. PNTC Plastic Molding Instructors teach students based on National Trade Skills Test (Operating of Plastic Molding Machines) grade 2 and grade 3 on both written and actual.Using Japanese language as a medium of instruction for them to get used of it and provide knowledge to pass the said written exam. Also applying the same technical terms used in the field for the students to easily cope up and understand the instructions came from their superiors. For the preparation of the actual exam, we are conducting series of hands-on projects in Plastic Molding such as;


  • Performing mensuration and calculation
  • Performing shop maintenance
  • Changing equipment dies
  • Preparing and starting equipment for production
  • Producing injection molded products

As PNTC Ex-trainee, it is our privilege to learn the culture, discipline, and technology in Japan. For 3 years, we have been trained to enhance our Japanese language and skills as well. It is now our chance to teach our fellow students what we have learned.

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